Your Host: Bethany Learn

Bethany Learn is the CEO and founder of Fit2B Studio, an online fitness portal at with members worldwide that provides unlimited access to ~100 wholesome workouts for the whole family. Her family-friendly focus keeps things modest, safe and fun for all ages. She is passionate about standing in the gap for those who have been led to believe that they will always look pregnant or will always leak when exercising. In her free time, she enjoys teaching pilates and yoga for a local studio, reading historical fiction, crocheting, race-walking with her team, and foraging for wild food. Bethany lives in the Pacific Northwest on 7 acres with her husband, two children, 5 goats, 15 chickens, two dogs, two horses, two cats, and lots of moles.

Bethany Learn Host of Kegels and Cocktails Calgary

Our Speakers

Kelly Dean is the founder of The Tummy Team in Camas, WA and online at Her passion is helping people heal and rebuild from injury and illness. Kelly did her undergraduate work at University of New Mexico where she also swam competitively for the Lobos for 4 years. She received her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota in 1997. The first several years of her career, Kelly became very focused on neuro-muscular rehabilitation and specialized in stroke and brain injury rehab. She now applies that same approach to clients dealing with core and pelvic floor dysfunction to help them effectively repair their cores from injury, illness and poor lifestyle habits. Kelly loves to teach and help people fully understand how their bodies are designed to function and how they can help their own bodies perform optimally.

All The Deets

Where: Yoga Northwest – Battleground location

When: June 5, 2015

Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Tickets: early bird $20  PURCHASE TICKETS NOW!